The Duomo At Nepi

There was a magical moment while I was drawing this. From a large open window high in the building to the right the sound of 'Gabriel's Oboe' filled the air and echoed around the courtyard. I just spotted a grey head above the sill with the instrument, and there was one of those very special wordless exchanges, before I continued drawing. I was put in mind of a memorable and completely wordless Aer Lingus TV advertisement from the 80s, 'You're Home', that featured a 747 and the melody of Gabriel's oboe. I had flown all the aircraft in the ad, and it was quite emotional hearing it played now so beautifully in the Italian air at Nepi.

Italian urban drawings

charcoal on tinted paper, 18" x 14" © Fergus A Ryan, 2016

Private collection, Italy