Triskelion (or triskeles, three-legged) is the triple spiral motif that occurs widely from Neolithic times, and appears in Ireland on monoliths at Newgrange (3200 BC) and the associated Boyne Valley monuments, in Greek antiquity, and again in later Celtic La Tène culture. It also features in the flags of the Isle of Man and of Sicily.

This was my house guest Joseph Bravo, American art historian, curator and art consultant, born in France and living in San Antonio Texas. He has curated major exhibitions of art and artefacts of Oceania and of ancient Egypt. Joseph posed in my studio for this drawing which is a preparatory work for a planned larger egg tempera piece. (See Logos)

TRISKELION, charcoal and white chalk, 58 x 48 cms

© Fergus A Ryan, 2022



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Northern Ireland

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