Sea Totem €14,000

Penny, Brown Penny

Silver Trout    enquire


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Gallery 1608 N.I.

Sol Art Dublin

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Heaven's Embr'd Cloths          


Works at Gallery 1608, Bushmills

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Meeting Point    enquire

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Works available from Fergus Ryan

nf = not framed


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Rain On the Wind

Afterthought €7600

Cassini's Light €9,500

Bridge At Narnia €900

Cape Clear Boots €450 fr

First Light M.S. €1400

Fort Sangallo €1400

The Briefing enquire


Vespertine Light

Sacred Space €450  nf

Silver Bracelet €450  nf

Umberto €325  nf

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Works available at Sol Art Dublin

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Updated 21 April 2022     Prices may change

The Departure   enquire

Impulse   €4500

Shamrock   €2250

Underworld (enquire)

£10,500 £1050 pm

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Senior Artitst Award 2020




Bandana nf    enquire

Benediction   €10,500


Cathedral    enquire

Sea Lovers   enquire

Old Guard    enquire

Antipode €1950


£1200 pm


£150 pm


£60 pm

Sun In Her Eyes  nf


Castel Sant'Elia   enquire

Original Works Available