Sunlight and skylight streaming through a window skip across a thoughtful figure. The reflective downward look is a foil for the edgy urban dress code. The leather jacket, T-shirt, dreadlocks and ribbons make this a work of art before it was painted.

There are abstract elements to Dreadlocks. The formal rectangles of the door contrast with a series of circles in the figure. The circle formed by the girl’s arms are echoed by a series of circles from the ‘smiley’ design, T-shirt neckline, necklace and face to the sunlit hair.


DREADLOCKS,  oil, 91 cm x 61 cm (36" x 24")

© Fergus A Ryan, 2012     Private collection

dreadlocks realist portrait painting leather jacket grunge giclee print

Exhibited Royal Hibernian Academy 2013

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